More than 1,000 schools signed up so far; attorney volunteers needed!


As members of the legal profession, we have the unique opportunity to participate in the election process in a way that will help our state’s young people. The Indiana Kids’ Election (IKE) program is a fantastic way for you to donate a very small amount of time and have a substantial impact in educating our

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Join a section or committee!

Even though I have spent virtually my entire legal career as a member of the Indiana State Bar Association, I continue to be delightfully surprised to discover how busy the Association’s sections and committees are with their many initiatives of which I was unaware. Our 28 sections and 38 committees meet on a regular basis

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Resolution 105: ABA Model Regulatory Objectives for the Provision of Legal Services


By ISBA President Carol M. Adinamis In the past several days, I have had the opportunity to attend the National Council on Bar Presidents (NCBP) Midyear Meeting in San Diego along with President-Elect Mitch Heppenheimer and Vice President Andi Metzel. While many things were discussed, this particular meeting was overwhelmingly about Resolution 105 proposed by

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New Year’s Resolutions


It’s time for New Year’s resolutions (again). I’ve never been very successful at keeping them. Historically, my resolutions have involved fitness or weight loss although one year, to ensure success, I vowed to quit smoking (I don’t smoke, so that year I succeeded). In the past, I have written down my resolution and put it

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There’s a place for you!


By Carol M. Adinamis, ISBA President Would your dating advertisement read as follows: “Quiet person, enjoys being alone or with small groups of people, happy to attend large parties as long as downtime follows.” For those of you who know me, it probably comes as no surprise that I don’t volunteer for karaoke, and I’ve

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Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all of the things and people in our lives we have to be thankful for, like our family, friends, health and well-being. This Thanksgiving I hope you will also consider the things that you as judges, lawyers and legal professionals do for others so that they have things

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A Veterans Day Spotlight: ISBA Military & Veterans’ Affairs Committee


To commemorate Veterans Day, we asked members of the State Bar’s Military & Veterans’ Affairs Committee to share with us what this day means to them and why involvement with this committee is important. Harold R. “Hal” Johnston II, Lt. Col., U.S. Army (retired) Court Coordinator, Indianapolis Veterans Court What Veterans Day means to you:

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Taking care of stale business


By Carol M. Adinamis ISBA President, 2015-16 We all have it. That file that has been sitting on the corner of our desk for weeks. That client that hasn’t been pushing us but that we have agreed to help, now reluctantly so. We are thinking, “Why did we agree to handle that matter?” But we

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Aunt Stella

By Carol M. Adinamis ISBA President, 2015-16 I am so honored to be assuming the position of president of the Indiana State Bar Association. I’m in awe of all of those presidents I’m following and of the staff of the Association who make it such a wonderful organization. The ISBA has been so successful in

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2015 Annual Report of the President of the Indiana State Bar Association

By Jeff R. Hawkins, ISBA President, 2014-15 INDIANA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION HOUSE OF DELEGATES FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2015 FRENCH LICK, INDIANA REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATION JEFF R. HAWKINS, SULLIVAN, PRESIDENT Madam Chair, Chief Justice Rush, Judge Crone, Chief Deputy Attorney General Light, fellow delegates, friends all: It is my great honor to

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